The Charter Market in California

Why Should Your Organization Participate in the 2022 Charter School Leadership Update Conference?

Access California's charter leaders all in one place

The audience at CSDC's annual conference is primarily charter school decision-makers, including principals, executive directors, superintendents, site leaders, board members, business officers, operations and HR professionals, and other administrative and instructional staff.

2021 CSDC Conference Attendees

  • 71% Leadership team members (EDs, COOs, CFOs, etc.)
  • 29% Instructional leaders and key stakeholders

Partner with the first charter school resource center in the nation: CSDC's Executive Director and Founder, Eric Premack, helped bring the charter concept to California 30 years ago. The Charter Schools Development Center (CSDC) is the nation's longest-running, most experienced charter school support and advocacy organization. In addition to being an effective advocate at the Capitol, we continue to spend much of our efforts doing what we have defined and refined for nearly 30 years: training charter school leaders of all types, including school principals and administrators, charter finance and business professionals, board members, developers, and other charter school leaders.

  • In 2021-22 89% of participants were extremely satisfied with CSDC’s trainings and professional development opportunities

Work with the largest charter schools market in the country: Charter schools provide communities across California with public, tuition-free, educational options. The charter school movement in California is larger than that of any other state, comprising nearly 20% of total charter schools in the United States. There are approximately 1,300 active charter schools in California, serving over 600,000 students. A directory of all California charter schools by county can be found here.