Attendee FAQ

About Sessions and Schedule

Q: What is the difference between a workshop and a breakout session?

A: Workshops are a longer format presentation allowing for more in-depth content. Breakout sessions are 75-minutes long and are typically presented by charter leaders and experts in the field.

Q: Are all attendees registered for the Leadership Update Presentation and lunch on both days automatically?

A: Yes, these are considered to be plenary sessions, including the Leadership Update Presentation and the welcome session. In addition, coffee, lunch breaks, afternoon refreshments, and reception are included for all attendees and do not require you to pre-register though we do request an RSVP for the reception.

Q: Is pre-registration required for the workshops?

A: Yes. All attendees wishing to participate in a workshop must register for one before November 10, 2022 through the website, by emailing, or visiting the Registration Check-in area during the conference.

Q: What is a Charter Leader Discussion Group?

Charter Leader Discussion Groups will help attendees close out the conference in expert-led conversations on a specific area of charter school operations or on a current topic led by a sector expert…no power points, no presentations, lots of time for discussion and share questions to round out your conference experience.

Q: Is CSDC's Executive Director Eric Premack's Annual Leadership Update Presentation taking place over two days this year?

Yes. This year’s Leadership Update Presentation will take place over two days– Monday, November 14 and Tuesday, November 15 as a plenary session.

Q: How do I network with colleagues participating in the conference?

A: There are several opportunities for networking at CSDC's 2022 California Charter School Leadership Update Conference. The conference features, in part, a happy hour as well as a networking reception, and the Charter Leader Discussion Group. You may also connect with a colleague through the event platform. In addition, CSDC is pleased to present its networking lounge in the Exhibit Hall, where participants can connect and collaborate with others.

Q: Can I submit a question to a conference presenter after a session is completed?

A: Yes, message directly through the event platform, or through email by obtaining their email through the presentation or their contact profile in the event platform.

Event Resources, Documents, and Professional Development Credits

Q: Can I retrieve documents for my own use after the conference has ended?

A: You will be able to retrieve documents from sessions up until December 16, 2022.

Q: Can I share the documents offered at this conference with colleagues from schools that are not registered?

A: No. All documents and templates provided to participants at the 2022 Leadership Update Conference are for the exclusive use of the organizations in attendance. Sharing of materials is strictly prohibited unless formal permission is granted by the presenter and/or CSDC.

Q: What is the Governance Training Certificate?

A: The Charter School Governance Training Certification is a flexible, yet comprehensive training for new and returning charter school board members that will cover topics such as school governance, the Brown Act, audits, fiscal oversight, human resources, and more. Learn more here.

Recorded Sessions Package

Q: Will sessions be recorded?

A: Yes, for charter school leaders unable to travel to Sacramento, CSDC will record nearly 30 hours of conference conteent from selected sessioons and make it available shortly after the event. More information (including purchasing the package)is available here. Please note that the recorded package is not included in the price of in-person registration.

Q: How long will I have access?

A: The recorded package will be available fo rthe remainder of the school year( June 1, 2023).Please note that the recorded package is not included in the price of in person registration.