Recorded Package

Didn’t make it to Sacramento this year?

Or maybe you were there and need access to even more of the can’t miss content? CSDC recorded nearly 30 hours of this year’s conference and is making it available through the online event platform.

What do you get in the recorded package?

First and foremost, you’ll get a full recording of the event’s biggest keynote, the Leadership Update Presentation, which contains the essential fiscal, legislative, and regulatory information you must know to successfully operate your school in the coming year. (See also: “What is the Leadership Update Presentation? (And Why You Don't Want to Miss It!”)

You’ll also gain access to recordings of over two-dozen breakout sessions covering 8 different content strands.

See which sessions are available below:

Denotes sessions presented by CSDC staff

Keynote/Plenary Sessions

Extended (3-Hour) Workshops

Breakout Sessions

Get Nearly 30 Hours of Content

Get nearly 30 hours of conference content for as low as $679/person when you purchase for 4 or more colleagues.

Individual Group (4+) (Per-Person)
CSDC Member $759 $679
Nonmember $859 $779

Joined us in Sacramento? SAVE $300!

The recorded package is intended primarily for those who were unable to travel to Sacramento.

However, if you attended and would like access to even more great conference content, you can purchase the recorded package at $300 off of the rates above.

Check your email for a message from CSDC containing the discount and contact us at if you do not happen to see it.

Once you’ve identified the discount code, you’ll need to append to your existing registration. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your account dashboard
  2. Reaccess Your Existing Registration
  3. Under Register for:, click on Recorded package,
  4. Enter discount code and complete payment


The recorded package is available for purchase until January 31, 2023.

Recordings of sessions noted above will be in the event platform within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event.

You will have until June 1, 2023 to review the recorded content.

Please review the recorded package policies at the bottom of this page before proceeding with your purchase.

Access Recorded Content

You’ll access the sessions through the conference platform.

Please note that the conference platform is a little different from the conference website. You’ll need to be in the platform (at the link below) to successfully view the recordings.

Conference platform:

Username: The email with which you are registered.

Password: If you need to set/reset your password, please use the link above.

Once signed into the conference platform, use the “Recorded Sessions” filter to identify sessions with recordings.

Additional Information

Technical Assistance

If you are having difficulty accessing the recorded package, please contact

Recorded Package Policies

  • A recorded package purchase confers a limited, non-transferable license to the purchaser for accessing recorded content in the event platform until the June 1, 2023 content removal date.
  • In order to receive an account on the event platform for accessing the recorded content, each purchaser must provide a unique email address and password. Sharing this username and password with other current or prospective purchasers may result in the revocation of the license without refund.
  • Purchases beginning November 16, 2022 or later may not be combined with any transactions made November 15, 2022 or earlier for the purposes of obtaining the group discount, where “transaction” here is defined as any type of in-person registration or recorded package purchase.
  • Once a purchaser has been permitted access to the event platform, a purchaser may not cancel nor receive a refund on the amount paid (or the reversal of a balance owed) for the recorded package.
  • The $300 discount extended to in-person registrants may not be stacked or combined with any other previous, current, or future 2022 conference discount code.
  • Recorded package purchases are non-transferable.