Character Creation: Build Your Leadership Style from the Ground Up


There’s a significant body of research from leading business schools showing that leaders who take the time to clearly identify their leadership style and align it with their organization perform better and thrive in their roles. However, in the busy-ness of day-to-day school leadership, we rarely, if ever, take a step back to think about who we are and what we bring to the table.

In many video and role playing games, the first step is "character creation." You build an avatar for the character you wish to play, picking skills, motivations, strengths, flaws, etc. Now’s your chance to build your leadership avatar from the ground up.

We will go way beyond the classic leadership typologies: Inspirational, Authoritative, Transactional, Servant, Transformational, etc. By the end of the day, you will deeply understand your own unique and authentic leadership style:
1. Purpose: What destiny were you born to fulfill?
2. Vision: Where do you see yourself 5 years in the future?
3. Passion: What do you truly love to do?
4. Values: What are the core beliefs that define your soul?
5. Strengths: What are you exceptional at?

By putting all five attributes together, you’ll be able to see the alignment between what you love and what you're great at and your future dreams and your core beliefs and the purpose that has followed your whole life. From there, we will consider how to best apply your unique leadership style to serve and grow your organization.

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Irene Salter

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Irene Salter's mind is formidable with a PhD in neuroscience, a Master's in psychology, and over two decades of leadership experience, but it's her genuine passion and heartfelt approach that truly sets her apart. She specializes in curating leadership circles and retreats for executives driven by their deep-seated passion, purpose, and commitment to people. Her clients include visionaries from numerous charter schools, Chicago Public Schools, Oakland Public Library, Disney, Google, Facebook, Verizon, University of Texas, Boston Medical Center, government agencies, and nonprofits. She draws from neuroscience, positive psychology, and mind-body medicine to help her clients shed the burdens of perfectionism, performance anxiety, and people-pleasing. Learn more at